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Diapers & Stuff is Lansing's premier disposable diaper delivery service
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What We Do

Diapers & Stuff is a shopping and delivery service that provides and delivers name brand diapers (e.g., Pampers, Huggies), diaper "cakes" and other care products right to your door. What’s more, our service allows you to customize your order to buy the exact quantity of diapers you need. You can even mix and match diaper brands and sizes to fit your growing family’s needs.
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How to Order

  • Download Pricing/Product list (Adobe Acrobat Reader required).
  • Choose your product quantity and/or services.
  • Call 888.818.3840 (toll-free) to place your order and pre-pay for products and fees using Visa, MasterCard, Discover or AMEX (debit payments through PayPal only).
  • Arrange your delivery appointment with customer service representative.


Not surprising, Diapers and Stuff also sells custom and pre-designed diaper cakes. However we offer more than just diapering product delivery. We also provide a grocery shopping service. So, if you or someone you know are new parents or it's just too inconvenient to get out, let us do the shopping for you. In essence, D&S provides and delivers a wide range of “stuff” to make your life easier and save you time.
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Download the DAILY DIAPER Product/Price List

(Adobe Reader Required—Download Adobe Reader X Here)


  • "How-to" Guide

    This is a "how-to" guide to get started using Diapers & Stuff’s disposable diaper and diaper product delivery service.

  • Order Form

    Using the order form (click image above to download), fill-in the billing/delivery information at the top of the form and indicate the specific products or services you want as well as the quantities to be purchased.